New Projects

Technology is developing so fast that it is no longer viable for us to commit to another purpose designed control system. We have been working with Omron UK for the last year to select the ideal programmable logic controller modules to build a new generation of controllers for our customers.

The new system will enable us to develop a complete quality control package where we will monitor more than just the glue lines – we believe you need to know why boxes are incorrectly glued.

Many of our existing customers are already minimising the risks of failed boxes by using features such as our ‘Sensor blockage’ alarm and our ‘Tab blower’ for removing stray tabs.  We have also had low glue level warning for our glue tanks for many years and all of these will be updated and become available for the new system.

Here are some preview photographs of the first of the new controllers - this is the plc 108 model - single channel and with an 8 inch colour screen so that a video camera can be added at a later date for glue application monitoring. There will also be a smaller version with a 5 inch screen and no video capability and larger versions with up to three channels and 10 inch HMI screen.

A view of the inside of the cabinet showing the back of the HMI panel with video adaptor card. In the cabinet from top left are the main plc and two expansion modules to allow a range of analogue inputs and outputs for various devices. Bottom left is the mains input filter, a power supply with digital display, two solid state relays for external switching and a controller to link to a camera for glue line checking.
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