Our design philosophy is to keep it as simple as possible, and reliable.   All our controllers have been designed to be interchangeable with each other making upgrades simple.  If we don’t have exactly what you need – ask us!  We are small enough to be flexible and have incorporated numerous customer suggestions and requests over the years.


We build all of our controllers and systems ‘in house’.
Then we test every part, and the complete system, prior to shipping or installation.  This is how we maintain our reputation for reliability.


If needed we are happy to visit your site and install a system for you or to liaise with your engineers so that they can carry out the work.  We ship pre-tested systems all over the world for our customers to install for themselves.


We offer service visits where we carry out a part by part inspection and a report is generated.   Any work required is reported to the client and can be carried out during that visit as we carry an extensive inventory in our service vehicle.


To save costs you are welcome to send parts to us for inspection and rebuild.  This service includes glue valves and even controller printed circuit boards for which we have a ‘loan’ service while yours is being repaired.

System upgrades

We are always happy to discuss upgrade work for older systems, including those from other system manufacturers.
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